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"For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me and for the gospel will save it." - Mark 8:35

"Experience God's Word Through Christian Assemblies Trust's Services"

Christian Assemblies Trust offers a range of services designed to bring God's Word and Good News to your church, home, and community. Featuring once a month gospel outreach programs, family gospel events, and Vacation Bible School, Christian Assemblies Trust provides a wide range of ministry resources to help you share the hope and love of Jesus Christ.

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Monthly Gospel Outreach Program


The CAT INDIA team is dedicated to spreading the Good News to people in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The chance to witness to others in the community is offered by our monthly gospel outreach programme. We make an effort to reach out to those who are looking for guidance and hope and offer them the Bible.

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"CAT's Adventure:
A Fun-Filled Vacation Bible School (VBS)"

CAT INDIA is the perfect choice for your next Vacation Bible School (VBS) adventure! Our Fun-Filled VBS delivers a safe and entertaining experience with engaging activities and interactive, faith-based lessons. Let us help to make your VBS a conversation-starter and truly unforgettable!

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"Building Bridges: 
A Ministry of Planning and Preparation for the Church Community"

'Building Bridges,' a brand-new ministry devoted to organising and preparing the church community, is one that CAT INDIA is happy to launch. We understand the value of connecting with and cultivating strong relationships within the church community as part of our continued commitment to help faith-based organisations. 'Building Bridges' will offer crucial tools and direction to aid church leaders in organising and carrying out successful events, outreach initiatives, and other projects. Our mission is to provide churches with the resources and information they require to increase their impact and establish deep relationships with their members. Join us as we collaborate to create lively, robust church communities.

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"Empowering the Next Generation: Christian Assemblies Trust's Youth Program"

Through its Youth Programme, Christian Assemblies Trust is dedicated to improving the lives of youth in Indian villages. This programme strives to offer a venue for young people to connect, educate themselves, and develop personally and spiritually.

In conclusion, by giving Indian village youth chances for personal and spiritual development, Christian Assemblies Trust's Youth Programme is having a good effect on their life. A strong, encouraging network of young people who are prepared to lead and serve in their communities is being created because to its innovative strategy of reaching out to kids in various communities and churches.

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"Strengthening Families:
The Christian Assemblies Trust Family Conference"

Every church and believer's home hold a monthly Family Conference that is organised by Christian Assemblies Trust. Families attend this seminar to enhance their spirituality and interpersonal connections.

Christian Assemblies Trust hopes to give families a place to gather and support one another in their spiritual development through this monthly conference. Families can learn from one another, share their stories, and develop their religion together during the conference.

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Toiling for Revival for the past 49 years

Revival Prayer Conference

Welcome to the Christian Assembly Trust's Revival Prayer Conference! Since 1976, the CAT president R. Kuttiraj, the team members, and the co-founders have put together this potent camp.

A time for believers to gather, seek God's face, and be changed by His power is the Revival Prayer Conference. Participants will be pushed to grow closer to Christ and to live out their faith with confidence and power during times of worship, prayer, and instruction.

Let's be open to what God has for us as we get together for this conference. Let's keep going and use everything we have to seek His face. And let us have high hopes for God, knowing that He will faithfully grant our requests and bring about renewal in our nation as well as in our souls.

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"CAT INDIA: Delivering Holistic Health Solutions To All"

"Experience Healing and Renewal through CAT India Ministries!"

A thorough medical camp is provided by CAT INDIA MINISTRIES with the goal of assisting believers in keeping track of and maintaining their health. CAT INDIA MINISTRIES is dedicated to offering a top-notch medical experience that is suited to the particular needs of each believer. This is done with the help of skilled medical personnel, cutting-edge medical equipment, and supplies.

"Become a Member of CAT India: Submit Your Contact Information"

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